Vision & Values

It is the vision of FuriousFotog to be one of the most trusted providers of imagery for Clients.

I shall conduct myself with integrity all the while fostering an environment of creativity, innovation and trust.

My core values consist of several elements:

I strive for quality in the work (photography and designs) I produce, to be the “best in class” in terms of value received for monetary investment made by Clients.

I am dedicated to satisfying my customers, all of them, with respect and understanding of their expectations.

I will act with leadership and inspiration, through competence, creativity, and collaborative teamwork.

I will act with integrity in all I do and treat others with respect, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of the work I perform, while correcting any errors or misunderstandings with professional expediency.

I take pride in the diversity of individuals who work with me and the ideas that flow from such efforts.

Press Releases

Here you will find press releases issued by FuriousFotog

Although rare, their content is not taken lightly by me, as the source of the issue is often a breach of one of my core principles (listed in the section above).

12.27.19 Romance Writers of America (pdf)


09.03.18 - Dissociation from fat shaming fitness models (pdf)


05.08.16 - Dissociation from #BizzardGate Instigator (pdf)


07.01.15 - Dissociation from Electrify Fitness (pdf)


06.17.15 - Dissociation from Don't H8 Motiv8 Campaign (pdf)