WHAT kind of cover are YOU LOOKING FOR?

Gorgeous CUSTOM Designs. Exclusively Yours.

You do cover designs!?


I sure do!

  • Typically, I do most custom cover design work from November to the end of January, however feel free to Contact Me to check availability!
  • You can also check out my selection of premade designs and buy them if they suit your immediate need!

How much are they?


  • $150 for a standard custom cover design of a single book title. 
  • Custom, premium edits can be added for $150 more per image.
  • Revisions beyond the included three (3) run at $25 each.
  • Premade designs are sold at listed pricing and are customized with title, author name, fonts, blurb, and general color.

What is included?


  • Design and up to three (3) revisions total for ebook, paperback wrap, and audiobook editions of a single title.
  • Revisions are not complete redesigns, but adjustments to current designs.

What are custom, premium edits?


  • These are stunning designs that are custom-made specifically for your book cover, beyond simple clean up, background replacement, and photo maniputation.
  • An example would be creating a completely new steampunk character from scratch who is then used on a cover, example above. 
  • Price is $150 for this service and is separate from the custom cover design fee.



  • Custom and premade covers using stock images are included and licensed under the Standard Licensing available via stock photo websites. 
  • In order for client to print physical copies in excess of 500,000 units or create swag/merchandise (both promotional or commercial), the client must pay for the EXTENDED license of each stock photo used.
  • If you are using a Furious Exclusive Image, you have full permission to use the image for any/all promotions (banners, swag, teasers, etc). 
  • Commercial sales of merchandise using Furious Exclusive Images require additional fees. 

Do you offer other design services?



  • Sadly, due to scheduling, I do not offer formatting, logo design, or other branding services. 
  • Please see the Partners page for recommendations on these and other services.

Additional CUSTOM COVER Information


  • FuriousFotog normally performs custom cover work during the months of November, December, and January. Availability is based on current bandwidth and project specifics.
  • Please enquire at any time, as there may be scheduling opportunities outside of the normal date range.
  • A nonrefundable 50% downpayment is required to secure booking. The invoice allows multiple payments and is due in full before any final files are released.


  • Each job is unique so the actual turnaround time varies with each project. 
  • Please allow a turnaround time of seven to ten (7-10) days. 


  • Designs include up to three (3) revisions. This does not mean a complete redesign.
  • Revisions beyond the initial 3 are $25 each.


  • You may cancel for any reason before the delivery of the final files.
  • You will receive a refund for any amount paid in excess of the initial 50% nonrefundable downpayment. 

Royalty Free Stock Images are used

  • Unless an image is licensed through FuriousFotog or another Photographer, Royalty Free (RF) stock photos licensed under Standard Licensing agreements with stock websites are used for cover designs.
  • To print units in numbers greater than 500,000 or create swag/merchandize (promotional or commercial), client must purchase the Extended License from these stock websites.
  • FuriousFotog is not responsible for the same RF stock images appearing on other book covers designed by other Clients or Designers.